Fat Burning Step

Fat Burning Step is based on various bass modulation ideas, combining Dub, World, Rock with enigmatic Dubstep textures. FBS is a collaboration between live electronic musicians led by bass player Bond, UK/Greek roots singer Maria Payne and Swiss renowned producer Roli Mosimann.

Initiated at Bass Day Uk 2007 in Manchester as a live bass modulation showcase by Bond, FBS first performed as a live 6-piece band featuring Maria Payne, Roli Mosimann and cellist Olga Konczak in 2010 at Era New Horizons Festival. In 2011 FBS released their first studio EP and videoclip “Tong” and are currently working on material for the LP. Fat Burning Step is a host of Eklektik Session – improvised live electronic jam parties held in Wroclaw. They have performed with local and international guest musicians including Wu Wei(china), Tom Mays(usa) and mc Blu Rum 13(usa) among others.

FBS [EP.01] was recorded live at Saraswati Studios. Powerful expression of Maria Payne’s soulful voice together with low freq modulation, drilling live wobbles and cutting edge live drums become deconstructed in real time processing by Roli Mosimann – creating a unique set exposing and merging styles of modern electronic music.